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Short term missions trips pushed me forward in my relationship with God by pulling me gently out of my comfort zone and stretching me in new ways as a leader an as a servant. As a woman who's been a Christ-follower for many years, it was easy to settle into a life where I only said yes to things that I felt I was ready for or that I knew I could handle. But God started slowly pulling me out of that when I went on my first short-term missions trip over three years ago. During that first one and the next two after, God challenged me to get uncomfortable. And He continues to offer me opportunities to get uncomfortable for Him as He leads me into new endeavors of service. I don't ever want to settle for "comfortable" when it comes to serving Him!  

janis meredith
Janis Meredith Next Level Church, FL

Seeing missionaries living out their faith, day in and day out changed my own heart. Before the trip, the things I was seeking were more about God increasing my standard of living and pursuit of the American Dream instead of asking for His will and grace in seeking His Kingdom. It’s one thing to know about missionaries; it’s quite another to work beside them.

Gary Gaines Beach Church, SC

Short Term Missions have drastically changed my faith in a significant way. For me, there is something about being on a missions trip that completely disconnects you with the world and puts you in direct connection with God. We spend so much of our walk flirting with the world, but missions trips tend to realign that and puts everything into fresh perspective. I have been on three mission trips in the last three years and each trip God does something incredible in my life. My 1st trip was all about perspective – living outside of myself – more of him, less of me. My 2nd trip was completely about dependence on God instead of man, I forged a new trust with my Heavenly Father. My 3rd trip – I recognized my true identity in Christ, that I am a daughter first and foremost. I experienced God’s love in a pure and tangible way.
Mission Trips are known for forcing us out of our comfort zone and completely into God’s arms. I would recommend anyone to take a trip – you truthfully never know what God wants to show you! You will typically have to battle fears, lies and negativity before a trip, but it is because the enemy wants nothing more to hold us back from experiencing the fullness of God. We are called to GO, so GO and make disciples – share what God has done in your life with the least of these and carry light, hope and love in your heart!

Going on the mission's trip to Africa allowed me to experience God in a way like I never have before!  Eliminating all of the distractions and focusing on God for two weeks helped me receive a breakthrough in my finances, relationships, and priorities!  Don't miss an incredible, life-changing opportunity!

Joelle Gilkey Next Level Church, FL